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About Zsolt

Zsolt Szemerszky is a National Quality Prize Winner Revenue Specialist and Author.

His aim to help people and corporations to achieve their highest ambitions.


Being an author of multiple books, published in over 50 countries world-wide helped Zsolt Szemerszky to create business values for people and to motivate them in the road towards their aims.

One of Zsolt’s most quoted sentence is:

“Every mountain can be climbed
just you have to find the appropriate way to it.
If somebody does not achieve it’s goal
then he has not done everything to achieve it.
The secret of success is persistence!”

As one of the top business crisis advisor, revenue specialist, performance and marketing expert, Zsolt’s books, videos, newsletters and appearances now inspire millions of people worldwide.


from Laszlo Penzes – entrepreneur and musician

“Mr. Zsolt Szemerszky was born 100 years later than he should have born. In truth I can imagine him as an English Lord, who goes out fox hunting on his horse once every week, and playing cricket in the rest of the days of the week, arriving home only late at night to his favourite fireplace to smoke a scented cigar, only for a short period of time because he needs to hurry on to the charity dinner of the suffragettes where he gallantly makes a considerable donation to the local women’s society.

Besides this of course he is a member of the “club” and other mysterious lodges, bearing a powerful influence and having an access to the Queen herself.

Well Mr. Zsolt Szemerszky is heading in the best direction and way to reach these existentialist positions, however the fact most important above all: through all this he has not given up being human.

Mr. Zsolt Szemerszky in the noble sense of the word has still got principles, which unfortunately is not typical of these days’ business life. This is a heroic fight.”


Zsolt Szemerszky has been working sixteen years in the national and international business arena, and various international IT projects bare his name. In 2010 suddenly he was diagnosed with advanced Diabetes Type I. and that moment changed his life. Zsolt decided to share all he learnt and experienced in order to teach people to capitalize their potentials.

Since childhood Zsolt was born competition ready. He believes in hard work, persistence and breakthroughs. Zsolt also trains people to change their viewpoints and not to focus on the work itself, but on the result it brings.


from Dodo Newman – artist, inventor and author of multiple books

“I have known Zsolt Szemerszky since 13 years first as a friend and then as a business partner, consultant, advisor.

If I would have to describe him in a nutshell I would say that he is one of those persons who would go to the end of the world and then back if that would be necessary to achieve an aim he believes in. He is one of those persons who strongly believes in human values, in loyalty and in justice, always seeking truth in its highest sense.

When I first got to know him my first impression was his honesty and directness. He is a person who is straightforward and does not like to colour his opinion. For this reason he is able to attract people who are not ready to accept clear cut views, or who are in constant denial. On the other hand because of his objective and very precise view of things he is able to cut through the shady layers and to see precisely into the sources of problems.

I believe this is a very special trait since it gives him the ability to instantly see into the core of problems, to have the competency in finding out the appropriate solution and to have a good understanding of the process of turning it around to a positive result.

When we worked together as business partners, he was a company owner as well as a professional in business models, optimisation, revenue specialist. He was one of those leaders who has depth of experience in his field of profession and who knows exactly how to use it when it comes to it.

As a consultant for wide range projects Zsolt had the great opportunity to have seen into many types of business models, experiencing very different cases. Because he has an extremely flexible approach to every situation, I believe he has acquired during the years a knowledge that cannot be learned simply from books, behind a school desk. He has given me practical, working and result oriented advice related to my own field of area, high-end luxury, which is quite far from the ones he has been used to before.

His versatile approach and managing various processes makes it easy for him to change at any time and instantly. This approach is very valuable nowadays because of the fast chaining world, of constant innovation and huge competitiveness.

I have know Zsolt to be a fighter of his own aims as well as for those that he puts his mind on. He is a fighter in every sense, putting in his mind, heart and soul and working night and day to achieve the best results.

One of the things that sets him out from many experts is his passion and creativity for all that he does. I have known many experts who are good and excel in their field however Zsolt has the extra colour and visionary sight that makes working with him more than worthwhile.

I have also known him when he was actively racing with his car, which is one of his passions besides music. His active and competitive sports background together with his desire for racing has formed him into a person who always wants to win, who looks at challenges not only as mountain peaks to climb but as being the first one to reach these goals.

Zsolt feels close to the artist world, which is truly exceptional in character because it provides him a good insight into a different type of world. I believe he appreciates the aims of artists in leaving their footprints in this world.

I highly recommend Zsolt in any project where there is great challenge, opportunity for results and innovation.”

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Published in over 50 countries world-wide helped Zsolt Szemerszky to create business values for people and to motivate them in the road towards their aims.


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Zsolt Szemerszky is a National Quality Prize Winner Revenue Specialist and Author. His aim to help people and corporations to achieve their highest ambitions.
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